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Chaplin's Moustache

put it on.

In The Hands of Orlac (dir. by Robert Wiene), a concert pianist (Conrad Veidt), is thrown into a torture-filled tailspin after an unexpected surgery leaves him with the hands of a murderer. He goes through an identity crisis, which involves a lot of hand staring, hand wrenching and outstretched hands.

At his wit’s end, Orlac bites the bullet and asks his surgeon (Hans Homma) to remove the cursed hands.

But he doesn’t go for it. And things look pretty bad for Orlac for a while.

But don’t worry, Orlac. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. As long as the light isn’t another train.

Stream mix here. Watch a video playlist here.

In the mix:

1. 19th Nervous Breakdown, The Rolling Stones
2. Pu Yai Lee Santana / Rung Fah Puping
3. Egyptian Fantasy, Sidney Bechet
4. The New West, Spindrift
5. Got Nuffin, Spoon
6. Into the Trees / Still Corners
7. Phaser, Superdrag
8. Faraway, Supergrass
9. Atlanta, The French Kicks
10. Single Shot, Green Hornet
11. Na Mo Bokono / Hell’s Kitchen
12. Deuteronomy, Intelligence
13. Hands Away, Interpol
14. Necropolis / Daniel Capo
15. Fuck Youth, Civil Civic
16. 911 Leo Express, Irving Klaw Trio
17. Dadje Von O Von Non / Gnonnas Pedro & His Dadjes Band
18. Bowling Trophies / Foxygen
19. Seco e Molhado, Mama Rosin
20. Hatashiai, The Moontrekkers
21. Green Onions, The’s
22. Cold Hands, The Black Lips
23. Trailerpark, Blur
24. Bad Ritual / Timber Timbre
25. The Children, Yeasayer
26. The Watcher, Dr. Dre
27. I Refuse to Lose, James Brown
28. Harlem Nocturne / Johnny Otis & His Orchestra
29. Gun Street Girl, Tom Waits
30. Kat Nazer (Powersoul), PowerSolo
31. Don’t Play with Guns, The Black Angels


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