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Chaplin's Moustache

put it on.

The first silent movies I loved were Charlie Chaplin’s. Until now, I hadn’t made a mix for any of his movies, because I’d rather see them with the soundtrack on the video. Chaplin wrote music to go with his films sometimes (and the song “Smile”), and his compositions make the movies feel very full and complete.

Chaplin wrote the music for The Kid, The Gold Rush and Modern Times. He also composed for City Lights, which this mix here syncs up with. Chaplin had me cracking up in the first scene, where the Tramp (Chaplin) wakes up in the middle of a statue unveiling.

He meets a blind flower girl (Virginia Cherrill), who mistakes him for Joe Moneybags. He adores her. He tries to win money to help the Flower Girl make the rent, but it doesn’t work out. But the Tramp has friends to get crunk with (Harry Myers), at places like this.

He’s able to help the flower girl out, but it’s a while before they meet again. She’s had a successful eye surgery that restores her vision, and she works in a legit flower shop. She’s been expecting her benefactor, when she meets the Tramp.

And if that doesn’t hit you somewhere, you are at least 24 percent robot.

Stream mix on 8tracks or watch it on Youtube.

City Lights mix contains:

1. I Can’t Get Next to You / Al Green
2. Can I Kick It? / A Tribe Called Quest
3. Brave Margot / Sidney Bechet
4. Strange Things Happening Every Day / Sister Rosetta Tharpe
5. Jim Strainer Blues / Memphis Jug Band
6. Bad Whiskey Blues / Merline Johnson
7. I’m a Homeboy / K-Rob and DJ Cheese
8. Death Cult Soup ‘n Salad / The Almighty Defenders
9. I’ll Never Be the Same / Artie Shaw
10. Diga Diga Doo / Benny Goodman
11. Guitar Shuffle / Big Bill Broonzy
12. Knock-Kneed Sal / Buster Bailey
13. The Jumpin’ Jive / Cab Calloway
14. Amelia / Campfires
15. I Can’t Think of Anything but You / Clarence Williams
16. He’s a Rebel / The Crystals
17. Come On, Petunia / The Blow
18. Title Screen / Daniel Capo
19. Cushion Foot Blues / Daniel Filipacchi and Clarence Williams
20. All the Young Dudes / David Bowie
21. Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) / Digable Planets
22. Trouble in Mind / Dinah Washington
23. Ain’t Misbehavin’ / Django Reinhardt
24. Eleggua / Dr. John
25. Oh Sombra! / Electrelane
26. Blind Alley / The Emotions
27. Disappear / Eternal Summers


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