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Chaplin's Moustache

put it on.

Living under a Paris opera house sounds dreamy, but according to every version of The Phantom of the Opera, you’ve gotta be wearing a threatening mask or sporting some gnarly makeup to make it work.  Sure, wreaking havoc on the big show with a bit of well-intended murder means work is involved, but otherwise, you’ve got it made.

Phantom has obvious appeal–Paris, the opera, an underground necropolis, and a villain with an inferiority complex who rivals Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.  But why return to the original, a silent version from 1925?  While it’s definitely outdated and even dull at times, the answer rests in the phantom’s hands (and a dapper Grim Reaper outfit).  Is he overly dramatic?  Sure.  A bit needy, demanding, and scarily bent on cohabitation?  Definitely!  I mean, why commit to moving into your boyfriend’s underground crypt unless you are sure he’ll be dusting his pipe organ and vacuuming his coffin once in a while?

The truth is that the phantom, AKA Erik, is legitimately and disturbingly creepy, and almost a century later, nothing can take that away from him.

Want those hairs on the back of your head to start dancing?  Watch this movie, play this mix, and get something going.

The Phantom of the Opera, 1925
Starring: Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin, Norman Kerry
Directed by: Rupert Julian
Why to watch it: If you’re into scary movies, this is one of the first.  Tap into Freddie and every nightmare you’ve ever had on Elm Street by watching this film.
Don’t worry: By modern standards, this is a slow moving effort in terror creation.  Don’t expect Jack Nicholson to jump out, eyebrows furled, shouting “Here’s Johnny!” but give it a go.  And this mix definitely takes the watch-the-grass-growing edge off.

You can stream the mix here or watch it on youtube.

The Phantom of the Opera Mix includes:
1. It’s Getting Boring by the Sea / Blood Red Shoes
2. BLUREMI / Blur
3. Dating Cops / Intelligence
4. The Horror / RJD2
5. Running Scared / Roy Orbison
6. Behave Yourself / Booker T & the MG’s
7. Bye Bye Baby / Professor Longhair
8. Candy Man / Roy Orbison
9. Sun Lips / Black Moth Super Rainbow
10. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love / Solomon Burke
11. Trouble Comes Knocking / Timber Timbre
12. Fear / Benjy Ferree
13. Lujon / Henry Mancini
14. Young Blood / The Coasters
15. Christine / Siouxsie & the Banshees
16. Choppers / Holy Fuck
17. The House that Jack Built / Aretha Franklin
18. The Night Life / John Doe & the Sadies
19. Baby Got Going / Liz Phair
20. Anti-Love Song / Betty Davis
21. Dance this Mess Around / The B-52’s
22. Scary Monsters & Super Creeps / David Bowie
23. Transport is Arranged / Pavement
24. Here Comes my Hand / Bodies of Water
25. Less Unless / Civil Civic
26. G Spot Tornado / Frank Zappa
27. Little Green Bag / George Baker Selection
28. North Wind / Houston Wells & the Marksmen


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